PROCARE may, from time to time, identify and publish specific requirements in terms of opportunities that become available nationally.

Interested individuals, who are qualified Psychologists, Social Workers or Counsellors are invited to become part of one of the most recognized practices in the South Africa. If you see yourself as a professional with a passion for people and would like to become part of an energetic, talented team, you are welcome to contact us.

PROCARE has identified the following work levels within our Business structure

Level A: Ad-hoc Work

Associates as Private Practitioners can render services to PROCARE on an ad-hoc basis, which means they render services to PROCARE only when requested to do so. Associates are remunerated on an hourly basis for services rendered to PROCARE Clients and are not entitled to any PROCARE benefits.

Level B: Fixed-Term Contract Work

Associates as Private Practitioners can render their services to PROCARE on a fixed-term contract basis. Associates receive monthly remuneration for the duration of their contract period. When the contract period has lapsed, the services of the Associate may be terminated, alternatively the contract period and further utilisation of services may be re-negotiated. Service agreements are concluded purely at PROCARE's discretion.

Level C: Employees

Employees, who are employed either on a temporary or permanent basis, render services at PROCARE's discretion. Employees are entitled to a monthly salary as well as employee benefits as determined by PROCARE. Employees will be subject to PROCARE's Performance Management System.

Level D: Managers

Service Managers (Middle Management) perform roles applicable to management, as required by PROCARE and are remunerated at managerial level with benefits, as determined by PROCARE. Managers will be subject to PROCARE'S Performance Management System. Service managers can either be employed as fixed-term contract workers or as employees.

Level E: Executives

Executives (Top Management) perform roles that apply to the daily running and management of PROCARE. Members of the Executive Management team are regarded Business Partners and receive monthly remuneration as well as PROCARE benefits. They are also eligible for profit sharing according to their member interest