Our arms full of boys…


It has now been two months since our third son came home to us. I’m coming up for air and feel as if we’re into a new normal with two busy boys and one snuggly baby. 

My husband and I have been married for 9 years now and one of the reasons we fell in love with each other is our mutual love and passion for children. After a few years of lots of time spent caring for other peoples children, it was time for us to begin a family of our own. So we had ‘the chat’. We discussed and prayed about both the options of starting a family: biological and adoption.  After a few months on this topic we felt that adoption was our passion and would be our story. So we asked God for a baby by adoption and then phoned PROCARE for an interview. And well then all the fun began….

After nine months our first baby boy was placed in our arms and our hearts felt fit to burst with joy. We knew from the moment we saw his first photo that this is the little boy we’d been praying and waiting for. The wonder of adoption is breathtaking, as you meet and cuddle your boy for the first time knowing that you’re his forever mommy and daddy.

Well I asked myself this morning how did one bundle become three ?  All three of them so different and yet so equally precious and full of life. I have never laughed as much as I have being a mommy. And boys…what can I say…life is an adventure with these little men.

By far the most incredible part of adoption has been seeing how our sons love and care for one another. Our older two, being so close in age, are inseparable and just this morning I had to try get the one away from the other’s hug as they went to separate schools . And they adore their new baby brother and smother him sometimes too enthusiastically, declaring to anyone who visits our home “come meet our baby…he’s our baby forever!”

We are so grateful to the PROCARE Team and to their kangaroos who have made our family possible.

All our love

The big happy family