My wife and I have been married for 21yrs. We have been at the fertility clinics for more than 15 years trying to get medical assistance to conceive. Three years ago, we gave up hope and finally tried a different approach and decided to go through a screening and to register on the adoption list. PROCARE came well recommended through a family member. We were quite nervous as this was new territory for us. However, PROCARE’s professionalism made it very comfortable and easy to understand regarding the rules and regulations around adoptions. PROCARE is extremely diligent and gave us peace of mind. In addition, they found us a perfect match. January 2018, our lives changed forever.

Our little princess is 6 months now and she has made our lives so much more joyous and filling our hearts, lives and home with more love and happiness. This wonderful being, through the Grace of God, granted us to experience parenthood. What an out-of-this-world experience. It is still so overwhelming.  She is so content and extremely joyous…laughing, playing and expressing her happiness too. We are just over the moon and giving her unconditional love. We have such big plans for her. She fits in with both our families and they are so “gaga” over her too. Our beautiful daughter is such a blessing. We never imagined that PROCARE would be so spot on…brilliant work PROCARE!