A Heartfelt Thanks from 2 Dads

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Nicolas 3.jpg

The first time we read about PROCARE, was in an article in Die Burger about another adoptive parent who celebrated his first Fathers Day as a new Father, after he adopted a baby boy with the help of PROCARE.  

That night we Googled PROCARE, and stumbled on their Blog (this very blog you’re reading now), and spent that whole night reading ALL the inspiring stories, and getting emotional seeing all the blended and beautiful new families in the pictures. People like you. People like us. Just people who want a child, and if we can give a child a better life through adoption, even better.  

The PROCARE Blog gave us new hope, and inspired us to start our journey with PROCARE, and no one else, and by telling our story, we hope we can also inspire other people investigating adoption, but not being completely sure.  

The day we were meeting Nicolas and the most amazing Kangaroo Mother, we will remember for the rest of our lives, and we can’t wait to share his story and journey with him! He adapted so beautifully to us, and the bond between us all is just amazing.

During the adoption process, we made a joke that the baby boy matched with us should also enjoy travelling, have a good sense of humour, and be a good sleeper… He’s all 3 (and so, so much more)! 

In January 2017 we collected the keys to our new house, the house we bought knowing that we want to start a family in. Little did we know but on the very same day our son Nicolas was born! 

We are eternally grateful to PROCARE Team and all social workers involved; and the amazing Kangaroo Mother who spoilt him and gave him love and care when he needed it the most. 

It’s the most amazing feeling being able to proudly call him our son. And we’re his Pappa and Dadda.  

Thank you, PROCARE