Our handsome young man.


Dear Procare

Happy New Year!! 2018 is upon us and realizing how Blessed we are and have been since our Angel arrived in 2015. Gavin and I were talking and in all honesty we cannot imagine how our lives would be without Samuel. He is growing into a handsome young man, intelligent and independent. Two going on sixteen, laugh out loud.

Last year was challenging and the positives far out weight the negatives. We finally got the unabridged name change birth certificate, which is AWESOME. We celebrated with ice-cream and Samuel took cupcake to creche the next day. Samuel is an actively little boy who does Playball, Music Box; ‘Bak n Brou’ and Art which he thoroughly enjoys. He loves telling stories about what he did at creche for the day.He is also ‘Mr. Popular’ as everyone including Parents and teachers look for his smiling face as they enter or leave the creche and in turn he knows everyone’s names. Its magical, how one little boy can cause a change in this big world in the smallest way by just saying hello and giving a big smile.

He has these moments when he comes up to you and says ‘ I Love You Mommy’ or ‘I love you Daddy’ and it just gives you butterflies. In moments like that we just lift him and want to eat him up. He also has a very serious side when he says ‘ I can do it – Leave me’ then we just wish he stayed small a bit longer. He can reach the door now and can make a jam sandwich and he is only going to be 3.

Life is unexpected and even with all the heartbreaks with infertility our light – Samuel – shines very bright. Every year I feel more and more Blessed to call him my son.

Samuel enjoys dancing to the tunes of Despicito and the Theme song of Trolls; riding his bike and playing in the park. He is left handed and very good at controlling a soccer ball. Potty training went very well and he now off the nappy but we don’t take any chances at night. So he still sleeps with a pull up.He is still the shortest in his class but the most outspoken. He likes helping his classmates and causes the girls to go crazy, as everyone wants to sit next to Samuel or be in a group with him.

This note is just to say THANK YOU to everyone at PROCARE, our lives was filled 180 degrees in the most Magical, Blessed and Precious way possible.

May 2018 bring you peace, love and give you the strength to continue doing ALL the GREAT WORK creating Forever Families.

From our home to yours.

God Bless.

Gavin, Sebrina & Samuel.