About six months after we got married, while my husband was reading a book called “Fields of the fatherless” by Tom Davis, he got the desire to adopt. He shared his desire with me and soon it also became a desire of mine. It seemed to make sense practically to first have biological children and then to adopt. After a year of unsuccessful conception we found out that biological children will not be possible so we immediately went back to plan A, which was adoption.

As we started the process with PROCARE we immediately realized that they were very professional and they quickly debuncked any misconception we had about adoption. Our biggest misconception was that the babies given up for adoption was rejected by the biological parents which is not the case since abortion is a much easier option. Giving a child up for adoption comes purely out of love. It was a joy working with PROCARE and we would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering adoption.

We were matched with a beautiful baby boy and he changed our lived completely. Every day we are more and more blessed to be his parents.

We are excited to adopt another baby in the near future.

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