We adopted siblings!


Our family was blessed with our second daughter from Procare and an amazing miracle happened that both of our children are biological siblings. We wanted to take the time to share the abridged version of our story with the Procare community. 

Following several years of disappointment, anguish and tears due to infertility my wife and I were given the extremely sad news that the chances of us conceiving our own children were below 1%. Diagnosed with incompatible DNA (a rare medical phenomenon where paternal and maternal DNA create unhealthy embryos) we approached Procare as a last hope of filling the void in our hearts and family.  

A few months after completing the screening process, by the grace of God and the power of Procare, we received the call that we were matched with a beautiful baby girl. We immediately fell in love with the angel that God and Procare had delivered to us and proceeded to introduce our daughter into our family. She quickly became the object of affection for the entire family and stole the hearts of everyone we encountered with the cutest smile imaginable to man. 

Three years after receiving the best miracle God could ever provide us with, we were contemplating how to complete our family and provide our daughter with a sibling. Seeing our eldest daughter play alone was heart breaking and we knew that she needed a sibling to share the joys of life with. The problem was that our first daughter fit our family profile so well that she does not look adopted! Our minds were filled with a million questions of how to ensure that a second child wouldn’t feel left out as everyone we met (whom don’t know she was adopted) commented that “she has daddy’s eyes” or that “she looks so much like mommy”. The perfect gift that Procare and God had given us now provided us with a seemingly impossible challenge. 

Then God, and I suspect someone from Procare, was listening. We received a phone call that our daughter’s biological sibling was available for adoption. Our prayers were answered once more and our only child would have her sister to not only grow alongside and share an identical background with but also DNA!  

We completed another very easy adoption with Procare and welcomed the arrival of our second daughter! And despite any fears we had around parenting two children we are loving life as a family of 4. Our eldest daughter is relishing the role of being a “big sister” to the point of running to fetch a dummy every time her baby sister cries. 

At this point I would like to share an image of a canvas that is hanging on the wall of our daughter’s bedroom. This canvas symbolises that if we had fallen pregnant with our own children we would have been denied the joy and privilege of parenting our two daughters (whom happen to be adopted). Both daughters will grow up knowing that they didn’t grow from our bodies but from our hearts.  

So to all those individuals who are struggling with the decision to adopt or not, battling to conceive naturally and feeling like there is no where to turn. Please take it from us who have been there. Make the choice whether you want to complete your family with a beautiful baby or do you want to be pregnant? The choice for us was simple as we longed for a baby so much that being pregnant was not an issue. And loving a child that doesn’t come from your body comes naturally as if born from you.   

As a final note we wanted to send a very sincere and honest thank you to the entire Procare organisation! Every single member of Procare that helped were not only professional and well organised but truly welcoming and supportive. If it had not been for Procare I shudder to think of the empty home that we would have without our daughters.