That's our boy!


My story is one of nearly 5yrs trying to conceive and 2 unsuccessful ivf's 

I was by chance given PROCARE’s  number by my Dr and after long discussions with hubby, we gave them a call. We had always heard terrible stories of how difficult it is to adopt. The first day of orientation PROCARE put our fears to bed and explained in detail the steps of adopting.  

After loads of interviews we were finally told that we were successful as adoptive parents. We were spinning and excited. Our dream was becoming a reality. The wait for "the call" was honestly the most intense phase of the process. I decided 2016 probably wasn't going to be the year and I planned a trip to Johannesburg with my hubby. I remember when we got back from trip I was super relaxed. That Monday evening I got "the call". I was in shock and hubby and I just cried and laughed. All I heard was "it's a boy". The days after that was a blur. 

The following week we went for the matching meeting and they explained all to us. Finally the social worker showed the photo and I cried and cried.  

"That's our boy " I told my husband. The week after and with nerves and excitement we picked up our boy. I knew this was meant to be. He is the most amazing boy and has changed our life forever. 

 I'm a "mum" and I'm so happy I walk around smiling all day. "Pinch me" I sometimes think as maybe it's a dream but when I look into that gorgeous boys eyes I know its true.   

I am eternally grateful to PROCARE and every team member  for making my dreams come true. PROCARE is nothing short of amazing. Professional , caring and efficient.  

I definitely recommend PROCARE to anybody wishing to adopt.