A Heartfelt Thank You


A Heartfelt Thank You

Dear Procare

We just want to post a heartfelt thank you for helping us to adopt our beautiful son.


My husband and myself has always considered adoption due to some health issues, he is a quadriplegic and I have a congenital heart defect. We eventually sent our application to PROCARE, which was highly recommended. 

We knew that on our application we did not look like perfect parents, but we knew in our hearts that it was the right time because we have lots of support from family, we are both healthy and have a strong loving relationship.


We were invited for an orientation with PROCARE, it was an easy choice for me to say that I definitely want to go ahead with the process.


We sent in all our documents, attended a parent workshop, assessment and panel meeting. My husband and I couldn't stop talking about the fact that we are on the waiting list to adopt.! Against advice from our social worker, family and friends I already started baby shopping, maybe in my heart I knew we would soon be parents.


When we eventually got "The Call",  I just knew when the phone rang, it was PROCARE and handed the phone to my husband.

On a particularly cold and rainy day, we fetched the most beautiful boy and took him home as our son.


He has brought so much laughter, tears and joy to our family and he has truly blessed us, how lucky and thankful we are to be his parents.


I am truly impressed with the professional and kind staff of PROCARE that guided us through the process. 


Many thanks

A happy family