Adopting a child has been the very best decision of my life, as well as the highlight of my life. If I had known the joy it would bring, I would have done it years ago, and I can honestly say that PROCARE made the journey not only manageable, but enjoyable.


As an older single woman, I really struggled with the decision: Would I be enough, can I provide all she needs financially, will my heart break several times along the way, will I fall in love with my child only for someone to come and take her away? All these questions and fears lay heavily on my heart, and it truly caused me to wait about 5 years longer than I “should” have (but I was meant to get this child, and so it all worked out as it needed to).


I am SO grateful I took a leap of faith, and I am so blessed to have my little Nina as my daughter. I have explosions of love happening in my heart every day as she continues to amaze and enthrall me completely. EVERYONE should adopt! Singles, happily married couples that can not have biological kids, couples that have kids but can afford to add to their family - there are children waiting for someone to love them!


The team at PROCARE walk you through it all, and assist every person involved along the way. I especially appreciate the care that the brave biological moms receive before and after, and that they feel loved and cherished for doing something so loving and beautiful. I also appreciate that us parents are prepared, encouraged, and helped with every detail.


If you are out there thinking about adoption, wondering if you can do it, but you are afraid, go to an orientation and just take in all the information. It looks different than you think, and knowledge is power. Plus, it can lead you to the best gift you will receive!


I am finally able to say I am a MOM. And soon, my gorgeous, adorable, smart little daughter will be calling me that…..I am already crying with joy just thinking about it.


Being a single Mom has not been easy, sleep deprivation is REAL, and Mom guilt shows up in full immediately. But my goodness, nothing has ever been worth more.


I hope many many more people will go and find their Nina’s!


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