Cultural Diversity

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South Africa’s rich and diverse culture

South Africa is known for its cultural and linguistic heritage.

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa protects freedom of cultural expression. And our country’s cultural diversity is embodied in its arts and culture.


We have one of the most diverse collections of cultures in the world

  • The Khoikhoi and San culture

  • The Zulu culture

  • The Xhosa culture

  • The Ndebele culture

  • The Sotho culture

  • The Tsonga culture

  • The Venda cultures

  • European cultures

  • Indian, Chinese and Cape Malay cultures


5 Reasons to love South Africa

South Africa’s culture is one of the most diverse in the world. With 11 official languages, the rich culture of each language brings its own liveliness to our assorted group of people while showcasing our different cultures. 24 September is Heritage Day and in true South African fashion we will be celebrating our heritage in our different garments or traditional attire with a braai or just with close friends and family. There are a few reasons to love this colourful nation of ours, apart from you being a part of this beautiful country, here are 5 other reasons to love South Africa.


Cultural diversity

This nation is filled with a diverse group of people. We have people of different races, cultures, sexual orientations, etc. and no one should be made to feel bad or ashamed for who they are and who they love. Over the years, we have learned to slowly understand these dynamics and diverse groups, and I know we still have a long way to go in understanding individuals who are different to us, but we have come a long way in learning to accept those who are different to us.


We’re a sporting nation

South Africa and sport are tied together. Sports unite people from every walk of life, whether you live in the townships or the suburbs, whether you are male or female we see one group of people that are joined through sports. Who can forget that historic occasion when Wade van Niekerk broke a world record and won gold in the 400m race? And what about Caster Semenya when she eased her way to victory by winning gold in the 800m race? The support South Africa gave was fantastic. South Africans are extremely passionate when it comes to sports, especially soccer as it is (arguably) the most popular sport in the country, with cricket and rugby coming in closely behind. The nation has shown the world not only our sporting talents, but also our tenacity of spirit.


Powerful youth

From the youth of June 16 in 1976 to the youth of 2016, South Africa continues to realise how much of an impact they have in this country and how important their role in building a better future for this country is. The youth of this nation continue to show the nation that they understand who they are – we know our identity.


Arts and culture

From music to theatre and literature to dance, we have it all! Whether we make it or just dance to it, South African music has potential to fill every aspect of our lives. We have a wealth of musical heritage, including kwaito, gospel, afro pop, rock, hip hop and more. Our movies are now being recognised internationally, think of ‘Tsotsi’ winning the Oscars for Foreign Language Film Award in 2006. That showed the world how talented South African actors are.


Love knows no gender

From 1 December 2006, South Africa became the fifth country in the world and the first in Africa, to legalise marriages between same-sex couples. This is something we should be proud of! We recognise that true love knows no gender. Regardless of your gender identity or sexual identity, you deserve a chance at love just as much as the next person.

South Africa is a beautiful country filled with a diverse group of people and beautiful things. But with all of this being said, each person sees the country differently but we still all call it home.


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