We recognise the exceptional vulnerability of babies and children and acknowledge the fact that they are entitled to special care and assistance.

PROCARE boasts an Adoption Unit consisting of senior social workers who are accredited by the Department of Social Development to do Adoptions in accordance with the Children’s Act. Our social workers have also been registered and recognised as Adoption Specialists by the South African Council of Social Service Professionals, based on their experience and expertise in the field of Adoption.



National adoptions
Screening and preparation of individuals/couples/families to adopt babies of their own race and culture group

Cross-cultural adoptions
Screening and preparation of individuals/couples/families to adopt a baby of a different race or mixed-race babies.

Adoption counselling and assistance
Option -counselling and Assistance to birth mothers with unplanned pregnancies (Western Cape only).

Regrettably our waiting list for Adoption applications in Gauteng are currently full.No applications will be considered until further notice.


Abandonment Investigations
Western Cape only

Assistance with the Court process and required documentation

Matching and Placement of babies with suitable Adoptive parents

Post adoption support
Post Adoption support are offered to the biological family, the adoptive parents and the adopted children