Embracing Puberty

Embrace Puberty Parent Talk.jpg

This week PROCARE Social workers presented an information session on our “Embracing Puberty” Life Skill programme to parents of Grade 7 learners at Rietondale Primary School. Parents were informed regarding the contents of the programme prior to presenting it to the Grade 7 learners.


The “Embracing Puberty” Life skill programme cover all aspects of puberty in an age-appropriate and interactive way. Emphasis is placed on understanding your changing body, dealing with emotions, respect for yourself and others, boundaries, social media and dealing with potentially dangerous situations.

This is what Learners had to say about the programme:

·         It was very informative and helpful for our age.

·         It was very helpful, I finally understand things that I had so many questions to.

·         I learnt that people develop at different times, and that helped me to accept a lot about myself,

thank you!

·         I now feel more open towards the Topic and do not feel embarrassed anymore, thank you.

·         The presentation allowed for a good balance between the content, videos and talk

·         The presentation was enjoyable and very interesting.

·         The presenter was calm and didn’t rush anything, it was very well presented, thank you!

·         The presentation was AMAZING!

·         It was very well explained & excellently presented, well done!

·         I loved the programme! The videos were excellent! The programme was FUN!

·         The programme was appropriate for our age. We learnt a lot!

·         I really liked the presenter, she was nice and explained everything well.

·         The presenter was very kind and helpful.

·         She was very understanding, caring and easy to talk to.

·         The presenter was very sweet and patient with the class!

·         The presenter explained well, and we therefore had a wonderful time with her!

·         The presenter was very energetic and lots of fun!

·         The presenter made me feel very comfortable with her and the Topic she spoke about. She made me

feel safe, thank you.

·         The presenter gave me the self-esteem that I needed, she was such a blessing!


For more information and bookings follow this link: https://www.procare.co.za/for-educational-institutions/