Family Day 2019

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Family Day 22 April 2019 South Africa Facts

It was typical in South Africa to take a day off work after Easter. This day, which is also known as Easter Monday, was renamed as Family Day in 1995. This extra day off for the holiday was meant to give families more quality family time together and to allow them to go on vacations with friends and family.

The government of South Africa emphasizes spending quality time with family on this day so that people can get together and have a celebration. Friends, relatives and family members will gather together, have meals, drink wine, and enjoy their time with those people that are most important to them. Many people go on vacation with their families and friends or may even invite their friends and neighbours to join in the family feast. Therefore, the day has great significance to all South African citizens as this is a public holiday. The importance of Family Day is uniting families together in the spirit of the holiday.


Ideas for Fun Family Activities

From the serious to the seriously silly, here are 11 unforgettable things to do with your family.

Volunteer Together

Consider it quality time squared: You get to spend the day with your kids, they learn about the joy of helping others, and everybody makes the world a better place.

Kick the Can

Pass on touch football for something that puts everybody on a level playing field. Learn the rules of classic play-ground pastimes.

Make a Time Capsule

Preserving your memories/souvenirs is a fun way to celebrate your family now and later.

Plant Something

Use a one-by-two-foot self-watering planter and let your co-farmer handle the watering and harvesting. You may pull more than your share of the weight (and weeds), but if it convinces your kids to eat a vegetable, it’s so worth it.

Get Cooking

Teach your kids an old family recipe or start a brand-new tradition by baking bread.

Create Self-Portraits

You’ve got a hard drive full of family photos, but drawing self-portraits captures the present in a more revealing way.

Go Camping

And pitching a tent in the backyard counts. Once the sun sets, keep them entertained with good old shadow puppets.

Start a Family Book Club

Choose stories that appeal to all members, no matter their age.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Limit the territory to the backyard or the inside the house and kids will suddenly notice objects that they usually overlook.

Make up a Song

Who says your family can't start their own band? End the monotony of long car rides or Saturday morning chores to sing together and create lyrics that no one will ever forget.

Take a Stay-cation

Treat it like a real vacation—yes, even from chores and plan ahead. Get day-trip ideas from your local visitors’ bureau or a regional parenting website.