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PROCARE offers the following services

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  • We provide a tailor made Employee Wellness Programme (EWP) to suit your needs

    Introduce our Employee Wellness Programme at your

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  • We provide tailor made School Support Programmes (SSP) to suit your needs

    Introduce our School Support Programme at your school

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  • Adoptions done properly, we offer adoption services of the highest standard

    PROCARE offers services to adoptive parents

    PROCARE offers specialized

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  • We help individuals and families deal with adverstiy, we offer support in trying times, but most of all, we care"
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  • Trauma counselling services
    Not only can trauma be healed, with appropriate guidance and support, it can be transformative - P Levine, Waking the Tiger
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  • Substance Dependency
    Few people realize that substance dependency is, in fact, a disease. Fortunately, like many other diseases, it can be treated.
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  • Training, short courses and life skill programmes by professionals specializing in the specific field

    PROCARE offers training in the corporate

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  • Financial Wellness
    Financial wellness is having an understanding of your financial situation and taking care of it

    Financial problems and debt becoming

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  • HIV
    We provide confidential and compassionate services aimed at prevention, counselling and support.

    PROCARE offers sustainable and integrated HIV/AIDS services to

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PROCARE Employee Wellness

A blog about Employee Wellness
  • PROCARE as the official Service Provider for Compsych International had the pleasure of being part of the Wellness days at P&G Spartan that was held on the 14th & 18th of April 2016. Our EWP Counsellor, Naledi Motlhabane mentioned that it was huge success and that she thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the employees.
  • Congratulations have been pouring in this week for our CEO Elsabe Engelbrecht, who has been elected on the South African Council for Social Service Professionals (SACSSP). She has been elected as the representative for Social workers in Private Practice on the Professional Board for Social work. “This is such excellent news and so richly deserved. […]
  • Most times it is the smell that makes it traumatic for the victim to move beyond… VICTIMS of hijackings and car thefts suffer the same symptoms and go through the same level of trauma as people who are exposed to a war zone or natural disaster. According to the SA Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG), […]

EWP Clients


Adoption Blog

PROCARE Adoptions

A blog about adoption experiences

School Support

PROCARE School Support