Training & Life skills

in the workplace



Empowering Executives, Managers, Supervisors and Employees with the knowledge and skills to deal with various aspects of psycho-social wellness in the workplace.

Training programmes
Half and Full day training (Includes Training Manuals, and Certificates)

Life skill programmes
60 – 120 minutes (Educational presentations, Power talks, Facilitation Sessions)



Anger Management  
Understanding and dealing with anger, coping skills

Boosting Staff Morale
Uplifting programme to improve positivity and motivation in the workplace

Change management
How to cope with change, the Change cycle

Employee Wellness
Benefits, Productivity, Legal aspects, Employee Support

Emotional Health 
Dealing with negative emotions such as Depression and improving emotional wellbeing

Financial Wellness
Skills to deal with financial challenges, spending behaviour, debt and saving

Facts and Myths, Prevention, Living with HIV



Substance Dependency
What you need to know about Alcohol and Drugs

Trauma and Loss
Understanding and dealing with trauma and loss

Time Management
How to manage your time effectively and live a balanced life

Change management and Career Re-alignment
Pre- Retrenchment/Restructuring Course

Financial Wellness 
Skills to deal with challenges, debt and saving

Inter-personal skills
Building positive relationships, Communication skills, Conflict management

Preparation for Retirement

Stress Management
Understanding and dealing with stress, Individual stress assessments