How my heart just melts


How a year has flown by! We finally received the ADOPTION ORDER, Yay!! So we will be registering our son on our surname very soon.

Not a day goes by that we are not thankful for being his parents. He is a blessing to all he meets and likes chatting to everyone, however I must admit he is a real mommy’s boy and I just love it! Especially his random hugs and kisses or when he says "Mommy... Love You..." Oh How my heart just melts.

A mommy’s boy but daddy’s mini-me definitely. Everything daddy does he mimic’s.

He loves climbing, running, kicking ball and cooking. His teachers are amazed at how he is progressing. A one year old that can count until 5; know all his animal sounds and loves consoling his classmates when they are sad. A Charmer with the ladies.. The poor teacher has to constantly watch the girls as they are always fighting to sit next to him. LOL!

Thanks again PROCARE for making all of this possible and for being so professional and caring throughout the adoption, without you this was not possible

Take care and lots of hugs and kisses.

Love Gavin, Sebrina and Samuel